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ASBEST​-​Stand to Elevate

by Synchrovision

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Stand to Elevate

From Old School ways raging deep in my heart
this lyricist stays defined a drift with no remorse
abused by public fame so it lost its glory
became numb to identify its call to resist this screen play at that
the next moves enlisted pictured without prospective
we find our own path unknown to most
so pundits circulate their ways to form this mass at a different rate
we elevate in time so sun bares witness
taking the simplest of miracles answers to horoscopes
collected from rise to fall this light being has this stage performed in sonar
deep like Pisces that run these waters.


We Stand To Elevate, Celebrate, Elevate, Celebrate, Elevate, Celebrate, Elevate
(backing - Lets Elevate)

At a snail’s pace is how they move with mold genetics
earth shapes and spines on its axis chasing spirits aligned in its course
though it’s held transparent evidence gathers form what left behind
while science finds it hard to relate with close encounters
we try to analyze this spell that’s held inside defenseless
yet the night calls asking for hidden thoughts we breathe free from the curse
that passes like strangers in the night fascinated by the hijacked
where units stall play god with civilians answering prayers of the NOW (new world order)
where truth lets men get cut in their prime trying to find where the crust is
a note for credit hoping that each count down feeds their offspring
with that set journey begins to elevate.


We Stand To Elevate, Celebrate, Elevate, Celebrate, Elevate, Celebrate, Elevate
(backing - Lets Elevate)

Classified the combination counts down each sorrow path
dancing the beginning of each song covers tears forgotten
where every place is unforgiving today’s darkened skies tomorrows winter sunshine
while fresh air clears the airwaves the sound of sloppy rhymes carries more function
based on its genetic change trying to reinvent the wheel
we settle for book worms trying to raise a story to pinpoint history
cause foolish men gather at an occasion of false idles
believing the currency at while they reap
we stay behind falling to inside
division of senses removes a sense of burden coping with the outcome
see if it we could shape these wings for a day I think we’d rise above this path of an invisible light that clears the prospect of finishing this race before its time.


We Stand To Elevate, Celebrate, Elevate, Celebrate, Elevate, Celebrate, Elevate
(backing - Lets Elevate)

Ernie "Asbest The Moor King" labanya


released March 15, 2012
Lyrics:Asbest "The Moor king"
Music:Goo le gooster

Vocals Recorded in AsbestLab/UK

Music Written, played,produced,recorded,mixed and mastered by Goo le Gooster @Chdb Lab/GVA

Goo le Gooster plays:
Rhodes,MiniMoog,Jupiter8,Mellotron,Drum programming.


©Drumatics Publishing


all rights reserved



Synchrovision Geneva, Switzerland

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