GOO Le GOOSTER​-​Everybody loves the sunshine :Feat: Ernie Odoom

by Synchrovision

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released October 10, 2013

A Roy Ayer's Original Rewritten,arranged,played,produced,recorded,mixed and mastered by Goo Le Gooster @Chdb Lab/GVA

Vocals Written by Roy Ayers : performed by Ernie Oddom
Ernie Odoom vocals recorded and arranged by Goo le Gooster @Chdb Lab/GVA

Goo le Gooster plays:
Rhodes,Wurlitzer,MiniMoog,Jupiter8,Mellotron,FM8,Guitars,Drum programming.




all rights reserved


Synchrovision Switzerland

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Track Name: GOO Le GOOSTER-Everybody loves the sunshine :Feat:Asbest and Ernie Odoom
Slam by ASBEST

Grown on King Solomon’s grave

My eyes see the hand of Steve Biko

Enduring a state of mine ready to invent thought taking me back to Africa

With movement from Transkei to Malawi Gold

I pick trees lied by King Shaka’s rule with the man from Kalahari

Forced to conclusion

I stand by each fairytale measured by it approach

With a place to sober to relax

Where times never mentioned

I am sharing light once again

I am staring at the light once again

Chorus -Roy Ayers /Ernie Odoom

I take 10 steps as the ground cries in Jazz notes

To resemble shores of Zambezi

Rearrange your frame like Boars and Blacks

While most ignore the Lion of Judah

My picture on the walls the offspring of King David

But still Goliath rules claiming walls and fences

So you can’t see what lies beneath the surface

Trying to transcend but your lost

With a strategy trying to unfold

I am sharing the light once again

I am sharing the light once again

Chorus - Ernie Odoom

With shallow walks to shallow works

Time invests upon each principle

True events are shown to enlighten

Though the night crawls with cause and effect

Assembled in line to calibrate the movement

Bringing doubt to every disguised

Knowing that only a few carry this flame

Showing light against shadows

Stepping across this line

Those that choose wisely know this

While the universe exchanges peace born to existence

In readiness of Mother Nature’s nurturing

Progress of the infinite crops to stay lean on Earth’s orbit

Inseparable from events that shape this hand

To motive all attempts to bring balance
Bridge -Ernie Odoom

So we can get this right

So we can get this right

In the sunshine

Chorus -Ernie Odoom